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Culinary demonstrations and the viewing of Italian films and documentaries are part of each course at the school.


Intensive Short Course
2 weeks


Like to speak Italian with confidence? 

Don't have much time? 

Need the basics for a trip abroad? 


Course Details


This course is ideal for those people who are planning a trip to Italy. It is an interactive course which imparts a basic knowledge of the Italian language in every day situations.


Course Duration


2 hours each evening for 2 weeks

From Monday - Thursday





Summer 2017:  Monday 9th January - Thursday 19th January

Autumn 2017:  Monday 3rd April - Thursday 13th April

Winter 2017:  Monday 26th June - Thursday 6th July

Spring 2017:  Monday 18th September - Thursday 28th September

Summer 2018:  Monday 8th January - Thursday 18th January


Enrolment Closing Dates


Summer 2017 - 20th December 2016

Autumn 2017 - 25th March 2017

Winter 2017 - 15th June 2017

Spring 2017 - 4th September 2017


Summer 2018 - 15th December 2017


Course materials will need to be purchased through the school.


Course Fee: $400 

Italian for Children
This program is designed for students aged 10 to 13.
The course will be fun and communicative. The range of resources and authentic materials will give the students the opportunity to experience the rich Italian culture.
Course Duration
One hour each lesson for 10 weeks


Places are limited to 10 students per course


Tuesday 14th February to Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Thursday 16th February to Thursday 4th May 2017

Tuesday 16th May to Tuesday 1st August 2017

Thursday 18th May to Thursday 3rd August 2017

Tuesday 22nd August to Tuesday 7th November 2017

Thursday 17th August to Thursday 2nd November 2017


Tuesday  4pm - 5pm

Thursday  4pm - 5pm

Course Fee: $100

Intoduction to Italian

Semester One:

Saturday:  10am - 12pm

Classes Commence:  Saturday 15th February 2020

Classes Finish:  Saturday 27th April 2020

Semester Two:

Saturday:  10am - 12pm

Classes Commence:  Saturday 18th July 2020

Classes Finish:  Saturday 19th September 2020



Semester Courses for Children


Italian for Children


This course will be communicative and motivational using a range of resources and authentic materials such as songs, games and

cultural activities.

Duration:  17 weeks

Age:  8 - 12 years

Course Fee:  $150 per Semester

Enrolment Closing Dates:

Semester One Courses:  20th January 2018

Semester Two Courses:  25th June 2018

Semester Schedule:


Semester One:

Time:  4pm - 5pm


Classes Commence:  Tuesday 20th February 2018

                                      Thursday 22nd February 2018

Classes Finish:  Tuesday 26th June 2018

                            Thursday 28th June 2018

Semester Two:


Time:  4pm - 5pm


Classes Commence:  Tuesday 17th July 2018

                                      Thursday 19th July 2018

Classes Finish:  Tuesday 20th November 2018

                            Thursday 22nd November 2018

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